Thursday, 31 May 2012

Today's Nail Mail!

I got  a few things in the mail today, also waiting on my order from Pretty & Polished,  hopefully it will be here tomorrow!

 So I got 20 nail wheels, glad they are here because I was running out of room on the other ones, badly. I like to test out looks/frankens/combinations on these before putting them on my nails.

Next is a cute nail polish collection from a Korean brand, Tony Moly. It consists of  Milky Way (GS08), Shooting Star (GS09), Pinky Star (GS10). These are all super cute, and more glitter is in them then I thought originally, which is great! I got them from this seller on Ebay, $18.99+ free shipping.

The pink package in the middle is a sample I got with the nail polish, it is called collagen moistful and it is 5ml of each: Emulsion (facial moisturizer), and Freshener (pretty sure this is a toner). These are both really light and smell great, like mild, fresh spring flowers.

The package of glitter is UV reactive, neon matte glitter. To read more about it and see some cool pictures, click read more.

There are only 3 shades in this collection, from left to right: Shooting Star (GS09), Pinky Star (GS10),  Milky Way (GS08).
Only one coat of each! Shooting Star (GS09), Milky Way (GS08), Pinky Star (GS10).

This is 2 coats of each.

To see more of this awesome UV glitter, please click read more.

 I have been searching for a neon matte glitter to use in franken polishes, but unfortunetly this is not it. This still is a pretty sweet glitter, and would be great if you like:
  • Laser Tag!
  • Raves!
  • If you are bored in the tanning bed!
  • You just really like black lights, and have lots of them!
  • I hope it doesn't get in your eyes though.. ouch.
I got this on Ebay and it came with a container of something the seller called "glitter fix" which I did apply before putting this on my wrist, but it doesn't really absorb, I rubbed it on my skin for a minute or so and then just wiped the rest off. (Re-reading the listing, it says to just put it on, pat the glitter on it, let it dry. I'm good at directions!)

 It doesn't mention this in the listing, but you can tell it was mixed with clear, non matte glitter, and I don't really get why. It's about a half and half mix, and yeah, just doesn't really serve a purpose other than taking the awesome level of these glitters down.

You can see the clear glitter especially in the orange and purple pots.
I found that if I put the glitter fix on my finger, wiped it off, and then dabbed the inside of the lid, put it back on and shook it gently, the smaller and lighter matte glitter builds up on inside of the lid, and then you can just brush it on from there.

When combined with clear nail polish, the glitter is just too small to really tell the color differences when you combine cool or warm colors. If you combine a cool and a warm color, you can kinda tell them apart. The clear glitter really takes away from the matte because it is much bigger. 

The best option for this glitter is to paint your nail, dip in in desired colors, top coat it, do the next one. I will continue to be on the lookout for more neon matte glitters. This post was very long, I hope it wasn't too dull haha! Thanks for reading and checking out the pictures! I may try a make-up look with this in the future, possibly.

Happy nails!

♥ ❤ ❥,


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