Thursday, 13 December 2012

Glitter Order from Borough Babe Supply on Etsy

 Warning: Lotsa amazing glitter pics!
Today I have to show you my glitter order from Shannon at Borough Babe Supply on Etsy.
Everything is just so great, and I am so impressed. I've ordered from Shannon before, and It was a no-brainer to make this order because her prices are good and her service is really fast.

I had wanted to make an order substitution and she nailed it right on, and when I opened the order and saw it, it was just awesome. I really don't have enough good things to say about Shannon. She had some new glittter mixes since I had ordered last and they are very inventive and imaginative. Really really cool. And I have everything so it does take a bit to impress me.

Without further ado, here's the order:
 Look at those fuchsia bar glitters. Just look at them. They are totally mindblowingly gorgeous. I could look at them all day.
 Here's a closer pic. I'm annoyed with my camera lately.
 Closer pics of everything else, and then you have to see these mixes!

 Bling Bling

Click through for the mixes!

My Urban Decay and Orly Haul

Oh my gosh Ladies,
I have so many haul pictures to post up, that it is ridiculous, and I haven't been getting them up.  So I'm going to start with what I got today. Fiorella from Fiorella's Closet is my nail polish BFF/ USA order connection, and she is my lifesaver when I want something that only ships to the states.
This is a few different USA orders that she packaged like a champion and sent up to me. Everything is gorgeous!
Let's start with everything together:
 Urban Decay to the left, we've got deluxe eye shadows in Scratch, Fishnet and Honey, some of my favorite Urban Decay colors. Each was $8 which is a steal because they are huge and the colors and the bomb. Don't worry, I'll show you them next pic. I also got the lick-able body powder in marshmallow, it smells awesome but I really don't know what guy would want to risk licking that and getting shimmery sparkles on his face haha! It's weird because on the bottom of the thing it tells you not to eat it and that it's not a food item,  but it's labeled lick-able body powder? Mixed messages haha!
 Here are the eyeshadows, aren't they sexyyy?
Marshmallow bodypowder collage.
I think I'm going to take more advantage of collages haha.
Here's the cream eyeliner in Demolition, you can see that it's not that pigmented (closest to the right was me trying to make it as dark as possible.) It's okay for $4 though. The packaging is super cute.

To see everything else, please click through!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

365 Days of Polish $25 Christmas Surprise Bag

Hello Ladies,
Here I have the $25 Christmas Surprise Bag I bought from 365 Days of Polish to show you, check it out!
 Here's what the bag looks like packaged up as a gift, you could totally give this to someone right away, it would brighten any polish lover's day!
Tons of candy! Like seriously, lots. The kisses are mint white chocolate with candy cane pieces and red stripes (see below.) The cuticle balm is red hot cinnamon, which is cool if you like cinnamon scented stuff- I don't. Only in baking. I don't think people realize that cinnamon gum gives you uber bad breath. Which is really irrelevant to this cuticle balm but I had to say it, haha! the balm is okay, it's not really pliable. If you need a decent amount, you need to scrape it out. 

The polishes I got were I stole Christmas and Deadly Attraction. I am not a fan of either. They are both hella sheer. The I stole xmas one has some very cool gold flakies in it but yeah. I tried them out on a nail wheel and was like.. meh not something I will wear. So that was a bummer.

The striped Kisses!
Here's the cuticle oil, it comes in a red glass tube with a red lid and has a rollerball. The scent is called Merry Mistletoe and it smells like a mixture between The Body Shop Cranberry body butter and..wait for it... Axe. So I haven't tried it yet. May just give to my boyfriend. Yes, he would use cuticle oil, haha!

So this was a bit of a strikeout, but sometimes that happens with a surprise bag and that is a chance you take buying one. Oh well! There was lots of candy in here, that counts for something. It was delicious.

 Happy nails!☺

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