Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Urban Decay and Orly Haul

Oh my gosh Ladies,
I have so many haul pictures to post up, that it is ridiculous, and I haven't been getting them up.  So I'm going to start with what I got today. Fiorella from Fiorella's Closet is my nail polish BFF/ USA order connection, and she is my lifesaver when I want something that only ships to the states.
This is a few different USA orders that she packaged like a champion and sent up to me. Everything is gorgeous!
Let's start with everything together:
 Urban Decay to the left, we've got deluxe eye shadows in Scratch, Fishnet and Honey, some of my favorite Urban Decay colors. Each was $8 which is a steal because they are huge and the colors and the bomb. Don't worry, I'll show you them next pic. I also got the lick-able body powder in marshmallow, it smells awesome but I really don't know what guy would want to risk licking that and getting shimmery sparkles on his face haha! It's weird because on the bottom of the thing it tells you not to eat it and that it's not a food item,  but it's labeled lick-able body powder? Mixed messages haha!
 Here are the eyeshadows, aren't they sexyyy?
Marshmallow bodypowder collage.
I think I'm going to take more advantage of collages haha.
Here's the cream eyeliner in Demolition, you can see that it's not that pigmented (closest to the right was me trying to make it as dark as possible.) It's okay for $4 though. The packaging is super cute.

To see everything else, please click through!

Next up we have the nail polishes!
I got the Orly's from Hautelook, the set was called the Mineral FX six pix set. And wow, are they pretty!
The Tokidoki polish I got from Firorella's blog sale.
It still had all the cute lil' stickers so I put this dog one on my phone right away. Adorable!
Last, but not least, we have my only 2 picks from the China Glaze Christmas Collection and the Cirque du Solei. It's a Trap-eze and Winter Holly. It's not that the collections weren't great, because they are, I just felt like I had all of them already except for these two.

I also got a Brushlab Boar bristle brush and it feels like it's going to be really great for my hair. I'm trying to wash my hair every other day in preparation for bleaching my hair platinum. I tried to only wash it once every 3 days, but it just gets too greasy, even dry shampoo doesn't help at that point. Icky.Do comment if you have any tips to get through not washing your hair everyday and any good product recommendations.

What's your favorite thing I bought? Let me know below!

 Happy nails!☺

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