My Franken-Polishes!

Hello! I just wanted to have a page you could click on to see all my franken polishes in one place. Most recent are first. Warning, this page is very picture heavy! Please click on the photos for glorious close ups!
I made these August 26 and they are all for sale. Click here to see prices!

I made these five on July 15th:
The orange is very similar to one I made for my Glitter Giveaway, I loved that one so much I had to make my own to keep!

Here is a pic of the yellow one swatched, 2 coats.

Thumb close up.

Here are 4 from a previous giveaway:

Here is my version of the popular Floam polish:

Here is my very first franken:

 My first 3 frankens together.
My first Franken for Shenailigans Dupe-it-yourself Saturdays:


  1. ❤ These are all gorgeous! WTG!

  2. LOVE all of these! Where do you buy your glitter to use in your frankens? I have about a dozen bottles of clear polish (that came in sets, such as color club etc) and I would like to maybe give frankening a go!

    1. Hi Jodi, the only glitter that I have purchased is a stampendous I love the 80's or 80's flashback set. I got it on, the pink is not solvent resistant but the rest seem to be.

      The rest of my glitter is already in polishes I own.I think a lot of indies get their glitter from and they just had a sale this morning, but are going to be closed for awhile not to get more stock in because they were always running out.

      I hope this helps! I have a very large polish collection (Around 500 and lots of indies) so I use these in my frankens. I am loving the first 5 orly flash glam fx I won in a blog gveaway for frankens.

  3. I died! Love your version of the popular Floam polish!!! <3


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