Saturday, 5 January 2013

My Boxing Day Picks From LUSH!

Hello Ladies!
I just wanted to show you what I got on boxing day!
First I got 2 of these guys from the LUSH boxing day sale:
 2 Wonderful Christmastimes! Be jealous. I'm jealous of myself! Haha. Here's what's in them:
The gift's contents tag
The gift is done on 3 layers stacked, and you pull on the handles in the middle to lift up each.
Top Layer
 Here's the top layer, we have the shower gels along with some other assorted stuff. This year's new shower gel, Ponce, I do not like it. It smell like straight up tequila, and come on, no one wants to wash with straight tequila haha! Maybe Ke$ha.
Layer one with layer 2, the goodies not dug out yet.
Second level! We have a lot of soap on this level, 2 bubble bars and a bath bomb.
 Here's the last level. We have 4 bath bombs and 2 bubble bar wands.
Group shot! So yeah, that times two. I love the LUSH boxing day sale every year, and always look forward to it. And every year the sales associates will tell you "oh, we aren't having that sale this year." To try to sell more product before Christmas. If I have a shopping tip for you for LUSH, it would just be to not believe everything they tell you, like most retail jobs, they are pushed really hard to sell. The products are great though, albeit a bit over-priced. The scents and fantastic and you can't get them anywhere else, so that's one of the main reasons I still shop there, they have been raising the prices lots the last few years.
My game plan at LUSH every year is just to stock up on the boxing day sale, I still have a few things left over from last year, so there's an idea I go with.  The sale goes till January 6th.

Don't you just love the LUSH bags and soap wrap this year? Super awesome and bright, like most LUSH things, haha!
I also picked up some regular line items I enjoy. I love me some LUSH rose and jasmine so that's mostly what these 2 gifts are. Rosie and Do Knot Disturb. I also got some of my favorite soaps, Rockstar, Sandstone and Sultana of Soap. Love me some LUSH soap!

Here is the Do Knot Disturb with it's menu!

The Contents!

The tag for the Rosie gift.
 What do you think of my haul? If you have been to LUSH before, what are your favorite items? Let me know in the comments!

Happy nails! awesome bath products!☺

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  1. I have never tried lush, but really want to. I love taking bubble baths, and just good smelling bath things in general. That huge Christmas box you got is amazing!! I was thinking of maybe purchasing Honey I Washed the Kids as I have heard good things about it, but then also want some type of bath bomb. Haha, I could go crazy on this site!

  2. I purchased my stuff online and they sent me some extra stuff as bonus, apparently! I opened and thought, "wait... I didn't order this!"

    But I guess they had some overstock they wanted to get rid of so they sent those along as well.

    I picked up on 2 Christmas Eve gift sets, a Sweet Christmas gift set, Northern Lights soap, Snow Globe soap and the Secret Santa gift. But the Secret Santa gift was out of stock so they gave me a choice of two bath products, and I picked fizzbanger and avobath bombs instead.

    The 'extras' they sent was a popcorn lip scrub, angel's delight soap and snowcake soap.

    Love LUSH! :D


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