Friday, 31 August 2012

Pretty&Polished Cheer Camp

Hello Ladies, happy Friday!
Today I have Pretty&Polished Cheer Camp to show you, I wore it to my job interview yesterday. Thanks to everyone who wished me luck on my Facebook Page, I think it went well!
 Cheer camp has a very slightly pink base that leans more to white, and for glitter it has pastel pink and purple hex glitters with tiny pink micro glitters. It is a very delicate, work appropriate polish. I used 2 coats for these pictures, I had to thin the polish out after the first coat because it was quite thick.
Excuse the nubbins, they were all getting so long and then then 2 of them broke. Sad face! This is topped with a coat of Seche Vite.
Thumb Close-up!

Wearing Cheer Camp and holding W7 Metallic Venus
 What do you think of this pretty? Pretty&Polished is currently open on Etsy, click here to see what's left!

Happy nails!☺

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Order From Nail Polish Direct UK

 Hello Ladies!
So a few weeks back I saw a post on the Nailasaurus where Sammy had this W7 polish that looked just like nails inc Pudding Lane and I had to have it!
I was worried because the shipping from the UK is usually ridiculous, but on Nail Polish Direct it was really reasonable to Canada.  
£2.95 which is $4.57 Canadian. Super cheap! I ordered my polishes on August 16th and got them on August 28th. It looks like they have raised shipping prices since then though, they must have got a lot of orders! Shipping  to the USA and Canada is now £7.95 ($12.32 Canadian.) Ouch!
Anyways, here's what I ordered:
This is the box everything came in, excuse the left-over bits of packing peanuts. It's a miracle nothing broke, it was just like 20 Styrofoam peanuts and the polishes in a box.
Why you so blurry camera? /shakes fist

 So I ended up getting W7 Nail Polish Lava Flow(top), Salt n Pepper (under to the left) Metallic Venus(under to the right) and the bottom row is Barry M-Jewel Britannia and Lavender Hexograms, which is another word for squares I learned by buying this polish! Haha.It's a really pretty polish with the lavender squares and fine lavender/silver glitter. Beside it is Mosaic.
Here are some more pics of W7 Metallic Venus:
Wearing Pretty&Polished Cheer Camp
All of the W7 polishes are not 3 free, and the ones with sparkles smell like regular polish, but Metallic Venus just reeks like any nail polish made before 2005. It's quite gross but I may forgive it for being such a pretty duochrome. Overall, I love my order, and everything was only around $26. What do you think of these polishes? Any favorites?

Happy nails!☺

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Franken Polishes For Sale!

Hello Ladies!
I wanted to put a few franken polishes together for my upcoming blog sale!You know, whenever I feel like uploading and labeling all those pictures haha.  I went a bit overboard and made 15 polishes instead!You know I don't toot my own horn much but these are all so cool, I know you will love them because there is something for everyone. Here is all the swatch pics first and then I will have bottle shots and pricing. Please note that all swatches are 2 coats. All polishes with glitter have some glitter suspension base in them.
All bottles are well cleaned, recycled bottles from previous polishes. Bottles will have Shenailigans labels on them. ❤
This is 1-5 with a coat of clear polish over top. You see that blue twinkly shimmer in #3? So cool right? It is also slightly duochrome. 2 is similar to my pants on fire franken, and I have 2 full size bottles of this color for sale. I love #1, a combo of pinks, purples, blues and red. 4 is similar to my Deep blue, See? polish I made previously. It has more fine gold glitter and gold holo hex and bars. 5 is a combo of at least 4 greens, gold holo hex and bar glitter, gold shimmer and gold glitter flakes.

Here's another pic of 4,5 and here's 6+7. 6 has fine purple and blue glitter, blue hex, and some shimmer. 7 is a greenish yellow, kinda chartreuse with lots of different rainbow glitters. It is shimmery, has gold shimmer, holo squares and blue stars (not in pic tho.) and white hex's.You have to see the bottle shot to believe this one!
 8 is a yellow-orange color with yellow, red and orange hex, holo square and some pink holo hearts. it has some white glitter and some red squares. 9 is a dark, red based pink. it's shimmery, has fine white glitter, and metalic glitters in various colors. Gold bar and hex.
Here's a recap pic of row one.
 10 is a pastel hex mix. green, blue, pink. 11 is a gorgeous burgundy purple shimmer with blue hex, fine gold holo glitter. 12 is an assortment of rainbow glitter in a white base. 13 is a pink pastel with pink shimmer and rainbow glitter. also some silver holo glitter and hex.

14 is a gorgeous nude pink with green shimmer. it has various glitters including:black bars, red and orange squares, other small and medium colorful hex. some white matte glitter. the rest of the glitter is metallic.  15 is a blue-toned baby pink with bigger hex in white, yellow, pink, purple, lavender matte and royal blue metallic. also holo glitter in 2 sizes.
The orange beside 15 is just an experiment of mine and not for sale. ;)
Click through for bottle shots and pricing!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Indie Polish Haul!

  Hello Ladies!
Wow, I can't belive I haven't posted for 10 day, bad blogger, bad!
So today I have some indie polishes I got recently to show you. I will upload a post about my 15 frankens I showed off on my Facebook page soon as well hopefully. You can see them below. Omg, right?!

Below is the glitter I got with my order from Franken Polish Supply on Etsy . I ordered the Franken Polish Kit, it has 10 bottles full of clear glitter suspension with a bag of lots of stainless steel balls and a bunch of glitter.
Some of the bags were a bit skinny in the glitter department (see the square bags) but the seller, Holly was really great. I ordered this kit for the suspension base for my Glitter Giveaway Floam polish dupe. I ordered a bunch of cool glitters from Youmix and just got them today so I'm excited to mix them up! I got the fire colors mix, rainbow mix, holo squares, pastel matte mix and the USA glitter mix. I don't know what it is, I just love USA themed glitters/ glitter polishes! Haha.
 Here is my order from Ador Beauty Supplies on Etsy:

Olivia from Ador Beauty Supplies also tossed in a baggie of hearts glitter (not pictured) so that was nice of her! She is really friendly and I highly reccomend everything I got. The powder in the top left corner is a green concealing powder and it's really great too.

Here is my order from Daring Digits on Etsy:
Picture so you can see the names.
Here's all of them together, the little bottle was a bonus and it is a small gold circle glitter with holo gold bars. It's itsy bitsy haha! Cute. I got all of these during Ashley's 20% off sale so they were $5.80 each, not bad! These are the neatest bottles ever too, they are small and delicate looking , they look bigger in pics than they actually are. I think I must have been drunk when  I bought these because they are okay but just kinda average looking combos haha. For example, the red one has white small circle glitter and red squares. That's all. Now that I am buying glitter mostly instead of indies, it's (cheaper) not something I would have picked up today. Ashley has some new polishes up that are really great like this one:

And I interupt this haul post with a pic of some frankens I made like last month:
 Carrying on, here's what I got from the Pretty&Polished Pre-order:

 Don't you love the 2 new labels? They look much better. I got this so many days ago that I already received the baggie of pink glitter from Chelsea that wasn't in this Punk'd up Betty (or anyone else's in the pre order.) There was so much glitter I mixed up a 6ml bottle of what I call Cotton Candy (pink, blue, yellow matte glitters) No picture yet, but it's so hot! Then I added some in the Punk'd up Betty and I still have some left. Yay, glitter! (Drools.)

Here's my order from Dawn at Liquid Imagination Nail Enamel on Etsy.

 These are all cute as hell.  The one in the middle, Superfly has taco glitter, but other than that everything is gorgeous. I wore punk rock girl and thought it was really neat, the base looks more like a case of bleeding pink matte glitter but I don't know that for sure, although I have mixed a few nail polishes in my day haha. It's still really nice.

I got this polish from Kristi at Happy Hands on Etsy and it is pretty much the bomb diggity. I love this. I saw it and was like Mine!Mine!MINE NOBODY TOUCH IT! Hahaha. Coincidentally it arrived in my mail box 2 weeks later. It's called Flowers on the Highway (awesome right?) and is currently in stock.

I'm wearing Adventure Red-y from the China Glaze Safari collection in the above pic.

Here's a wheel of almost all the polishes mentioned above. Here's another franken for you:

Pretty! Which of all the polishes above is your favorite? Leave a comment letting me know or just giving me shit for slacking is okay too haha!

Happy nails!☺

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

OPI Just Spotted the Lizard with Black Shatter and Flakies Too!

Hello everyone! These pictures are a bit older, but I really liked this manicure and don't know why I didn't upload this sooner.

I know shatter has been beaten like a dead horse, but I thought it would look really great over a duochrome like OPI Just Spotted the Lizard. This is 2 coats of JSTL and 1 of Ardene ACO Black Shatter. You see those little bitsy flakies? They are Sally Hansen- Glass Slipper, a super neat polish I debated for way to long before I bought it at the drugstore. There are some really neat topper coat style polishes in the Sally Hansen  Diamond Strength line.
Just some varying finger angles, displaying almost every color this polish turns.

I hadn't worn OPI in a while before this polish, so I was super impressed with the 4 day wear I got out of these.
I particularly like this angle. I wish the shatter didn't get all wonky on my pinky but it still looks okay.
I was happy when OPI released it's personal version of the Chanel Peridot color because I really liked it, but just couldn't dish out that much money for a polish.
So I totally think that now is the time for a nail polish company to release magnetic shatter with matte glitter. JUST KIDDING! No more shatter (or magnetic polish either for that matter!) I think the next polish company trend needs to stay with duochromes, and holographic polishes. What would you like the new polish trend to be? Leave me a comment below.

Happy nails!☺

 ♥ ❤ ❥ , Samantha

Pictures of my nude glitter franken from July 15th!

Hello Ladies!
Today I have pictures of the nude franken nail polish I made on July 15th, I really enjoyed wearing this color, it's pretty neat. I'm currently just taking pictures and getting stuff organized for a blog sale I'll be having, probably some time this weekend. Both prizes for the Glitter Giveaway have been mailed out  to the international winners today, and prize 1 may take a bit to get there because you have to ship nail polish ground. I'm mostly just trying to organize my life right now and look for a new desk job with my previous employer (well current, but I'm not working) So hopefully that works out because I could use some cash majorly! Wish me luck.

There is a subtle pearly shimmer that you can't really see in photos. This is 2 coats topped with one of the Seche Vite. This polish is mostly made of Julep Emmanuelle.

 I think this could possibly be office acceptable. Maybe.

Here's the thumb closeup. What do you think of this polish? Let me know in the comments, and tell me how your week is going!

Happy nails!☺

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Orange Franken and a Note on All the Liebster Awards!

Hello everyone!
 First off, I would like to thank the 4 bloggers who have nominated me for the Leibster award. I  very much appreciate you considering and thinking of me! I am very thankful that people like my blog.

I just wanted to let everyone that nominated me know that I am not ignoring them! I however, will not be filling the award out because it takes a large amount of time, and I would prefer to dedicate that time to arranging posts and pictures.
Also I do not continuously follow 11 new bloggers, and I do not want to bug people I haven't been reading on a regular basis, it just seems kinda like a chain letter thing. I hope everyone understands my decision, and that this will not make you harbor any ill feelings towards me! I do not mean to offend, I would just rather put out lots of pictures and nail related posts to my amazing viewers. I need to catch up on my posts so I can try to get out one a day like I use to!

 Okay! Now on to the polish! This is the orange franken I made on July 15th, I really enjoyed wearing it, I thought it was really neat. I put up a preview pic on Facebook yesterday for everyone. (click here to be taken to my Facebook page!)

Orange is one of those colors that I don't really wear a lot, so I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this. How could I not with all the sweet matte glitter in here? Haha!
Close up on thumb.
 And there we have it! I have also worn the peach one as well and loved it! You can see pictures of my frankens by clicking the tab above of the same name, and remember, I am always willing to trade frankens for items on my wishlist! I hope you are having a great Thursday, let me know what you think of this orange in the comments!
Happy nails!☺ ♥ ❤ ❥ , Samantha

Friday, 3 August 2012

My First Attempt at Nail Stamping- Awesome Louis Vuitton Nails!

Hello ladies! I am very excited to show you my first attempt at nail stamping now that I have a good stamper!

For these nails I used the closest colors to the classic brown/caramel Louis Vuitton pattern that I had, they are Prestige Studio Makeup- Tootsies (brown) and China Glaze FYI, a holographic  polish from 2008's OMG. Try not to love Tootsies too much, it is an old polish and I don't believe Prestige Cosmetics makes nail polish anymore, from a look at their website. Correct me if I am wrong!

China glaze is releasing a new holographic collection Spring 2013 if you haven't heard yet, and I am beyond excited! It is called Hologlam. Check this post from Polish Galore for more details!
Close up of ring finger.


 I know they are a bit rough but I really liked how they turned out! I had major tip wear after a day and tried to patch it up, so that's why the tips are a little wonky. If you are interested in this image plate, please click here to be taken to Ebay.
This is the plate, and I like it a lot. The British flag stamps are very large and would be too large if you have short or medium sized nails, like me. Stop breaking darn it! What do you think of these nails? If I could only wear one design for the rest of my life, I would for sure settle on this! I can't wait to do the stamp in rainbow colors over white.

 Happy nails!☺

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