I will keep updating this when I think of anything I would like, this is what I have on my wishlist so far:
The ones I want the most are starred. *
You can view my Nail Polish Canada.com wish list here!

  1. *Julep- Anne
  2. *Mermaid's Dream- Deborah Lippman
  3. *Any Ozotic polishes
  4. Anything from Enchanted Polish, especially *Ms. Dizzy Lizzy
  5. China Glaze OMG- *2nite, *IDK, L8R G8R, OMG, BFF, TTYL. This would finish up my OMG collection.
  6.  Anything from Lyndarella, especially One Nutty Fruit Cake
  7. Anything from Chanel, especially brighter colors
  8. *China Glaze Kaleidoscope- Tickle My Triangle, and Let's Do It IN 3-D to replace my almost empty, very well loved bottle.
  9. Any Holograhic polishes from Glitter Gal.
  10. Layla Hologram Effect in Mercury Twilight
  11. MAC- Ming Blue
  12. OPI- Glow ink the dark
  13. *Any of the OPI Designer Series Holographic polish, except DS Sapphire, which I have.
  14. *Zoya- Reece, Gwin, Adina, Danni
  15. MAC- Earthly Harmony
  16. China Glaze Ingrid
  17. *Butter London- British Racing Green
  18. *Rescue Beauty Lounge- Aqua Lily
  19. *Butter London- Disco Biscuit
  20. ***Nails Inc Jubilee crystal color
  21. ***Nails Inc Sprinkles collection
  22. ***Any Nails Inc!

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