Friday, 1 June 2012

May 2012 Glossy Box

Hello! Well it's good news that I got my May Glossy Box today, seeing how it is the last day in May and everything.This is my first Glossy Box. I'm pretty impressed with this box, it is so cool. It comes in this big black box with the Glossy Box logo all over it:

A box in a box? Boxception? The box inside is a really nice, solid gift box.

Look, they tie bows like I tie bows! haha.

This card, telling you what everything is and how much it's worth, is in a nice black envelope.

 So we have Curel- Foot Therapy cream, this is unscented and the consistency of a thicker lotion. I'll probably use it on my body instead because my skin is pretty dry lately, and I like mint foot lotions. Value of $3.99.

Next up is a bottle of Simple- eye makeup remover. I haven't been wearing lots of makeup lately so I'm not sure if I will use this.It has a value of $9.99 for the 56ml bottle according to the card.

Then we have Simple- Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. This will probably go to my boyfriend, I just wash my face once a day with whatever I'm using in the shower, so I don't really need a facial wash. It has a value of $9.99 for the 50ml tube according to the card.

There is a big, 250ml bottle of Sebastian Professional-Volupt Shampoo in the box, it has a very generic shampoo smell, I'm thinking like a Tresseme conditioner smell. I'm glad I got this, its probably my favorite item in the box, because now I don't have to limp around buying shampoo. This bottle retails for $15.78 and alone makes the box worth it.

Next is a lipstick from Pandora's lips (Pandora's Makeup Box Inc) and it is called STUNNING. It is described as a pearlized  glossy mauve, but as you can see, it's not that glossy at all, I would describe it as matte actually. It looks shiny in the photo, but I'm sure that is to do with the flash.

It's not my color, pretty close to my actual lip color, although I don't currently have a comparison photo to show you.

The whole lipstick container, except for the silver part right under the lipstick, is actually made from like bleached paper/cardboard. So you can't really get this wet at all. I've never seen a lipstick in a cardboard tube before. The first ingredient in this product is lanolin, so it is not vegetarian. A bit of a confusing product. This retails for $16.00.

In all, I am definitely going to continue my subscription for Glossy Box, because it is really good value. According to the box card, everything in this box together is worth $55.75, and I got this box for $13.50, free shipping on the boxes. It is normally $15.00, I found a 10% off code by searching online. it was glossy10, but I'm not sure if it is still valid. You can sign up for Glossy Box by clicking this link, it is my referral link and thank you for using it if you do! You can also go to

What do you think about this box? Do you already receive it, or are you interested in ordering it?

Happy nails!

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