Sunday, 10 June 2012

Some Nail Mail and Polish from Calgary!

So I got a bunch of polish in Calgary,  and some nail mail last week from Llarowe that I haven't put up yet, so I figured I would show you everything.
Starting with the polishes from Llarowe:
HITS Tango Flake Nail Polish, HITS Samba Flake Nail Polish,HITS Hula Flake Nail Polish, 
HITS Glitter Forte #387 Glam Rock, HITS Glitter Forte #365 
These are my first flakies after Essie- Shine of the Times. Oh and Barielle-Buddha-ful. I like all of them, but I haven't worn them yet. 2 coats on the nail wheel. The last two gold glitters are really awesome, 2 coats on the nail wheel, but they definetly could be 1 coaters. HITS Glitter Forte #387 is a light holographic gold glitter, and HITS Glitter Forte #365 is just a bright yellow gold glitter. These were in Llarowe's sale bin, and are no longer in stock.

Next are the polishes from Calgary:

So from the top left to right, we have this cool cosmetic set I got from Dollarama, 2 sets of nail polish, I'm just going to empty them and use the bottles for frankens. I like how the 3 polishes are all almost the same color haha. Beside it is Bonne Bell Lip play set, which I also got for $1.

Next is a sample of FlowerBomb By Victor and Rolf, do not like! I'm not going to list all the polish names, but if you would like to know what any of them are, just drop me a comment. The Essence duplicates are in my summer giveaway, check it out! (Previous post)

Bonne Bell Lip Play Set macro


In all, I'm really excited about everything and can't wait to wear them. Blue eyeshadow isn't my thing, but I could not resist this duochrome blue!

Happy nails!

♥ ❤ ❥ ,  Samantha

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