Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Pretty & Polished Freedom Calling and a little bit of Essence

Hello! I am currently in Calgary (the city where I'm from, and where the good nail polish is located...) And I was at Shoppers Drug Mart and saw the following Essence Polishes for $1.34 each. I thought "no way, that must be a printing error." Nope, they were that much, and contributed to my thoughts that we never get anything good in Banff haha!  And they were only $1.49 normally, so that was today's (rather dull..) mind boggler. I also snagged some sale items at Sephora, but more about that tomorrow.

From L-R we have Essence- Where is the party? 43, Wake Up!46, Lime up! 39,  Walk of Fame 34, and Nude it! 70.

Woah, too many exclamation points. No more for the rest of the post, I promise. /Headache.(Well I guess names are exempt for accuracy.) I really like all of these, and in my other 360+ colors I had nothing too close to them.
 I think Lime up! will be real good as a base under my Bayou Blitz.  I chose Wake Up! for my base under Freedom Calling, mostly because I thought it was more red-orange then orange-red, but it's not, so this is a interesting combo. I also think Nude it! is great because I really dig beige polishes. Not that you could ever find that out from any of my blindingly bright posts though. 
Maybe I should have a nude color day once a week. Ideas.

2 coats of Essence- Wake up! Slight bubbling, but my nails need a good sand-down, so not really suprised.

And finally, what you probably came here for:
2 coats Wake up!, 2 coats Freedom Calling, and 1 of Seche Vite.

Freedom Calling is full of hexagons in red white and blue, and bar glitter of the same. There is also some silver squares and hexagons in there. There are large white hexagons, but I only managed to get one on my ring finger, and it took some stealthy glitter digging. Other than that, no more glitter digging was used to facilitate these swatches. Last but not least, this includes some very small glitter, it's like a pearlescent matte white.

Chelsea from Pretty & Polished does not currently have her Etsy store open, your best bet is to like Pretty & Polished on Facebook. The banner on her store says she should be open again in 1-2 weeks. P&P ships to the USA and Canada only currently.

Don't worry, all you Americans can probably get this in time for the 4th of July. I'll probably be wearing it again then too, but definitely not over orange! ;)

Bonus picture:

2 coats each, I don't know why my camera is always giving me a hard time and being blurry.

Happy nails

♥ ❤ ❥ ,  Samantha


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