Friday, 22 June 2012

Pretty& Polished Martian Salad

Today I have Martian Salad by Pretty& Polished to show you. Don't you love the name of this polish? It reminds me of lime Jello with a can of fruit salad thrown in. Mmm Jello haha.

Martian Salad is a pretty subtle, lighter grass green holographic polish. It is pretty in indoor light, but you don't really notice the holographic part that much until you are in a brighter place, like outside on a sunny day. I have the most exciting pictures for you first, they are 3 coats and camera flash was used.
 And below I have the more indoor accurate pictures.

So as you can see, the holo is almost undetectable. It is a really fine holo powder though.
You can get this from Pretty& Polished on Etsy, it is $5.00 for 7ml or $8.50 for 15ml. It is not currently in stock, Chelsea has sales that usually sell out pretty quick.

Chelsea just had a sale yesterday, but you can check her Facebook page where she always announces when she will open shop.

What do you think of green nail polish? I am not a big fan of the darker greens yet, but I love pastel green like I was wearing yesterday. I love all pastel and creme colors, definitely high up on my favorites list (other than holographic.) What are your favorite nail polish finishes?

Happy nails!

♥ ❤ ❥ ,  Samantha

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