Friday, 29 June 2012

My Ardene Suprise Bags

Hello everyone! Today I want to show you the awesome surprise bags I got from Ardene.  I usually pick up a couple surprise bags when I'm in Ardene because they are only $5 for 2 bags and you can get some cool things super cheap.  The Ardene surprise bags are a lot better than then they use to be, I remember buying them when I was 16, and they were full of plastic headbands and scrunchies. I was not impressed, so I didn't buy them again until recently when we got an Ardene in Banff.
I do usually feel them up beforehand to avoid plastic headbands because I definitely don't wear them, and I felt this one bag today, and it was super heavy, and there was a nail polish in it! Ardene nail polish is $3 each if you buy two, so with that one polish, the price of the bag was already covered. You could not imagine my surprise when I saw the color!
And now you are probably like come on, why is it so special? It is because I was going to buy a Revlon color that was the same (and Revlon polish is always a disaster on me because it bubbles so bad) a few hours earlier and I decided against it, because I did not want to spend $6.50 on a polish that bubbles. And here this polish is, exact same color as the one I wanted to buy, and I know it won't bubble. Also I got 11 other items, and am still below the price that that one Revlon was!
Here is the rest of my loot!
This is bag 1.
Well I thought I straightened out the items before the picture but I guess not. That metal necklace is heavy! I still got some headbands but they are okay. I really like both of the earrings.
Bag 2.
Bag 2 is okay. All of the items fit with a theme, you know except for the neon pink jelly bracelets haha! Both the silver colored earrings are made in the USA so that's cool. The gold colored pair is obnoxiously heavy for earrings. I could not make the headband look not ridiculous on me. It looks like it would be nice for a flower girl at a wedding, or a bride. Or someone with black hair. 
What do you think of Ardene surprise bags if you have bought them? If not, what is your favorite item? My favorite out of everything would have to be the polish and the 2 earring sets in bag 1.

Happy nails!☺

 ♥ ❤ ❥ , Samantha


  1. I never thought to give a surprise bag a try but maybe I will. It seems pretty good value and my daughter would share the fun of it with me. I'll have to check that out, thanks for the idea!

  2. I love surprise bags! They're so fun! I bought two for eight dollars. The one that contains 6 objects. I got, a fishnet legging, scarf, 3 socks and a belt :) Huge value, the scarf and belt were 9.50CA each :D I gave the other one to my cousin.


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