Friday, 29 June 2012

Julep Vera With Pretty&Polished Hearts&Daggers

Hello! Today I have to show you Julep Vera, it is a gorgeous coffee with cream (and maybe sugar?) color that I got in my Julep June Mystery Box. Is anyone else so so excited for the July Julep box? I know I am! I can't wait to get the America the beautiful color, I had to add it on because my bonus polish is the Canada one.
This is 3 coats, it was a little less opaque than it looked. I added a coat of Pretty&Polished Hearts&Daggers as an accent nail. I like it, it is actually my first black/white glitter polish.
Here is a close up of my accent nail:
Hearts&Daggers is a unique glitter polish, and it looks really good over this color. The spots on this polish that look like bubbles are actually fine clear iridescent sparkles. This polish also has Large hexagons and bar glitter in black and white, black medium hexagons, and smaller white hexagons. And of course, the red hearts that make up the "hearts" portion, and the black diamonds that are the daggers.

I am loving dusty greyish colors lately so you probably will see a few more interesting ones soon!
You can get Pretty&Polished on Etsy and now Llarowe, although I am not sure when that will be. Your best bet to find out when polishes from Chelsea are for sale is to like Pretty&Polished on Facebook.

What do you think about this pretty brown? Take it or leave it? Let me know!

Happy nails!

♥ ❤ ❥ ,  Samantha


  1. That's really creative and absolutely beautiful! You paint your nails so well!

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  2. This looks amazing!! Yet another great idea of what to do with my new Vera. :)

  3. Thanks Samantha, I try!
    Thanks Lauren, yeah I really like Vera!


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