Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Rockets Red Glare Nail Polish From Treasures By Tan!

Hello Ladies!

Today, I have to show you this polish called Rockets Red Glare from Treasures By Tan on Etsy. Here's the second polish I got from Tanya:
 This is 1 coat of it over 2 coats of Essence - A Lovely Secret which is a periwinkle color leaning to purple.
This polish is full of tons of cool red white and blue glitter and is perfect if you love these types of polishes as much as I do! Haha. The fine red glitter in this is matte, as is all the others except for the red bars. These polishes from Tanya have a good base, and the glitter is suspended well, and there's lots of it!
I find that the base kind of gels a bit in the bottle when it sits, which is really no problem after you give the bottle a couple rolls and it's good to go.  I'm just mentioning this because rolling it helps the glitter stick to the brush better. 
I find that no glitter in this polish settles at all, and it does have some heavier glitters like the TKB blue stars so that's awesome.

 If you love this polish and have to have it, or any other ones in the store, please mention Shenailigans at the checkout and maybe we can earn some polishes for a giveaway!

What do you think of this USA inspired polish? Would you wear it? Are you as in love with red, white and blue polishes as I am? Let me know in the comments!

 Happy nails!☺

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  1. great combo , the glitters reminds me of 4th of July


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