Monday, 3 September 2012

My Swap with Fiorella from Fiorella's Closet!

 Hello everyone!
I just wanted to show off the great swap I had with Fiorella from Fiorella's Closet! She offered to send me some of the Sinful Colors polishes from the $1 sale awhile ago in return for some franken polishes, and I was like sweet, deal! I didn't want to put up a post until she got them, and she got them a week or two ago, so here we go!
She sent me:
The Sinful Colors I picked out, plus a bonus NYC polish. :)

A sweet, thoughful card and a very convenient organizing notepad.
I sent her the following things:
 She took the above picture of everything, I forgot to before I sent it. Here are more pictures of the polishes:
Fiorella's Picture of her wearing the polishes!

The only evidence of my sweet tribal nails with China Glaze Kalahari Kiss!

 Thanks for a great swap Fiorella!

Happy nails!☺

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  1. Your frankens look amazing!! swaps are always fun :)

  2. Thank you again Samantha! Not only did we have an awesome swap but we are also building an awesome friendship! I wore your frankens to the MN State Fair!!! woo hoo!!! :)


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