Saturday, 8 September 2012

China Glaze Hologlam Preview

How excited am I for this collection? Insanely excited. Now that there are closer pictures and actual promo pictures, I wish there wasn't so many blues (4) in this collection! China Glaze DV8 was/is amazing though so these will probably be great though. The one thing I think this collection is missing is a soft yellow (not gold) holographic. Swap out 1 blue for that, and 1 blue for a brown holo and that would be amazing.
Don't get me wrong though, this is amazing, I am so excited for this collection and will buy every color.  I hope China Glaze made/ will make tons so everyone can buy them! That's my only concern haha.
I have been so impressed with China Glaze lately, and they are my most favorite nail polish brand for sure!
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Explore a new generation of Holographic Lacquers! A captivating Collection of 12 illuminating shades. It will be out Spring 2013.

Will you be getting all of these too? Maybe an extra set to scalp on Ebay in a few years? Haha kidding!

Happy nails!☺

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  1. Pretty sure I'll be buying two sets! I'll be saving up for this splurge :)

    1. That's a good idea, I should probably get 2 sets too haha!


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