Saturday, 21 July 2012

Utopia's Polish Bubble Gum

Happy Saturday! I wanted put up another post right away, as I missed the middle of the week. I haven't checked my mail for Friday yet, so here's to hoping my China Glaze Safari Collection is here for the weekend! I still have to show off some indie nail mail I got (actually not Utopia's Polish, surprising, I know!) So I may do that later today. Bubblegum is a fun pastel pink polish, full of purple, pink, yellow and white large hexagons. It's the perfect fun, care-free polish for summer.
Not my picture.
It reminds me of bubblegum ice cream, if it were pink! I have never seen any other color of bubble gum ice cream here other than bright blue. I've never thought about it much before, but that is a little weird. Post any insights you may have in the comments!

Around 2-3 coats (some chipped in the day before pics so they were recoated) with a coat of clear to even it out, and then one of Seche Vite.
I did not have much luck with this polish in regards to chipping. It could have been my Nutra Nail Triple Strength base coat, which I have realized makes nail polish more likely to peel. The hexagons are large, which makes for a messy application because of the creamy base color. I recommend to dry one side of the brush inside the bottle before application. I added an extra clear coat before Seche Vite, just because I knew it would need it, and if you double coat Seche Vite you can get polish shrinkage.

A pretty one, isn't she? Like all Utopia's Polishes, the glitter is plentiful. The creme finish polishes would benefit from less, because it can make them a bit hard to apply, and most of it gets coated with polish anyways. This polish is not currently in the store, but I have seen it show up a few times previously before I got to snag it.
What are you wearing on your nails this Saturday? Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy nails!☺

 ♥ ❤ ❥ , Samantha


  1. This is stunning! I really need to own some indie polishes! I hope I can get some for christmas :p! Xx

  2. oh my, they really do look like the bubblegum ice-cream! I'm not sure what bubblegum ice-cream suppose to taste like, but this pink hue is making me taste flavours of watermelon! (because i chewed bubblegum that's pink and watermelon flavoured before.. bubbleyum brand). haha!!

    oh by the way, i never really asked anyone before, but do seche vite top coat bubbles too?

    1. Haha yeah for sure! I love watermelon flavored things, But the ice cream just takes like the original generic bubble gum flavor, like any pink bubble gum you can find that's not fruit flavored. It has little square chicklets of bubble gum usually.

      Seche Vite does bubble sometimes, but not very often. It did on this a little bit. I think it depends on a few different factors, like the heat, and the texture of the polish underneath, and if the seche vite in in it's halfway thru the bottle thick phase to state a few.


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