Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The 4 Polish Frankens I have made for my Glitter Giveaway!

I am super happy with how the polishes I mixed for the Glitter Giveaway turned out. Personally I think they are so so cool! All of these polishes were made by mixing polishes I had already, a few of them were indie polishes I used for the glitter. The bottles with white caps are 6ml, the teal polish is 10ml.
Each polish is one coat, except for Deep Blue, See? Which is 2.
I have gone to the liberty of giving them names!
Click the above picture to see in it's full size glory! You are missing out if you don't.
Do you have a favorite? What do you think about these? Let me know in the comments! The Glitter Giveaway should be up later today, around 6 PM Mountain Time.

Happy nails!☺

 ♥ ❤ ❥ , Samantha


  1. All so pretty!! I think my favorite is Pants on Fire!! <3

  2. Thanks Jillian, I couldn't pick a favorite!

  3. Stuck in my Hair!!!! HAHA I ♥ it

  4. So pretty! Umm I need Lacey at luau!!! ;)

  5. you've made some really pretty frankens! i like lacey at the luau :D

  6. I love Lacey at the Luau! I'm a sucker for mints with glitter!


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