Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Recent Indie Polish Arrivals!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to show you the indie polishes that just randomly showed up in my mail box last week... *shifty eyes* Kidding! They are all gorgeous, and I can't wait to wear them.
My China Glaze Safari Collection has just shown up on Monday, so I am pretty excited about that. No one has said anything about how amazing I'm Not Lion looks in the bottle! Holo fest! Not as good on the nail, but still pretty good.

There are a couple ORLY in this pic, some polishes line up to their swatches on the wheel,and some don't have a swatch on the wheel. The ORLY are.. Well I just checked the pink one, and the label was removed, must have been someone in the store. It was on sale for $4.99. It's a super hot pink. The one beside it is Total Eclipse of the Heart which is a pretty funky shimmery duochrome.
Kumbaya nail polish kumbaya...
 I ordered polishes from Sunny at 365 Days of Color through her BigCartel Store, and Some polishes from Kae at TheHungryAsian on  Etsy.
Here are my Hungry Asian ones, I'm not going to name 'em off because you can see the names. I am most excited about Cookies&Cream (so excited actually, it looks like fine vanilla bean ice cream in nail polish form) and then Sneeze Breeze and Mint Condition. Sneeze Breeze looks gorgeous with all the matte glitter, and I know a lot of people have loved this nail polish, I can see why!

Here are my 365 Days of Color polishes:
They are as straight as I could manage to get them, the first 5 are Sunny's Candy Shoppe Collection in mini's, and the next 2 (Birthday Bash and Summer Dream) are ones I picked up on the side because they look super gorgeous. I haven't worn any of these yet, but will update with pictures if I do!
 Leave a comment if there is anything you want me to wear first, or just to let me know how your Wednesday is going! The man and I went to go see the matinee of The Dark Knight Rises today and it was pretty good. Long, and a teensy bit cheesy, but good. I love Anne Hathaway!

Happy nails!☺

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  1. I'm so envious of your growing Indie polish! I'm still not sure why I haven't bought any :p. After my holiday I think I'll treat myself :).
    You've picked some gorgeous polishes here! Xx

    1. Thanks Natalie! Where are you going on holiday? I can't blame you though, the shipping is probably not the cheapest because almost all of the indie polishes are from the USA! Some of them don't even ship to Canada, and I'm like come on, we are on the same land mass! haha.

  2. whoa nice haul!! you got a bunch of really cute ones, i can't wait to see them on you :D


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