Tuesday, 17 July 2012

An Amazing Gift From Virginia at Utopia's Polish!

Hello Ladies!
I just wanted to do a post and show you what Virginia of Utopia's Polish sent me. I was so amazed opening the box, and these polishes are so gorgeous they made my week! It was an unexpected and such a kind gift. ☺
2 coats of each.
From the left is Summer Sparkle, Square Dance, Tiger's Roar and Toxic Rainbow.

 Summer Sparkle is one of the neatest nail polishes I have ever seen. It has so many types of beautiful glitter, but the crowning glory is the random shapes and colors, and the super fine silver holographic glitter in it.  I actually bought the full size bottle yesterday and was surprised to get this one today. This polish is so amazing that you need 2 bottles of it though, haha! The second I saw this on Utopia's Polish Facebook page, I knew I needed it. I don't know where Virginia gets all these great ideas and glitters from, but I would love to interview her on her creative process sometime!

Square Dance is amazing! Its like Virginia read my mind while making this one. It has square glitter of pastel and darker colors, in all colors of the rainbow. And of course some of it is matte! There is smaller metallic green and matte white smaller squares, and orange and white bar glitter. This is a stunner. This has never been in the Utopia's Polish store, and I don't know if it will be, so sorry for the tease!

 Tiger's Roar is a polish that I sent the idea for to Virginia for one of her Rafflecopter contests on her Facebook Page. The contest was to name a polish and say what would be in it.She captured my idea exactly, and even better than I had imagined!
Here is the exact message I sent her:
"Polish Idea for the contest!
It would be called Tiger's Roar and it would have matte black and orange hexagons, with shiny copper hexagons and maybe silver. It would also have black and white bar glitter, and orange if they make it.
I would totally buy that!"

And here is the polish description for the ones she put in the shop:
This polish has a Clear base with lots orange and black Hexagons, white, black and orange bars, copper hex and square, holo hex and fine orange glitter.

Virginia totally nailed it, and it is so unique and gorgeous. I mix polishes for myself all the time (as you know if you view my blog regularly) but it is definitely something having someone else bring your dream to life so well.

Toxic Rainbow has matte neon glitter in green, yellow, pink and blue along with holographic glitter the same size. This was a polish I totally wanted to buy, but missed out on, so it was so such a treat having it arrive here. Nail wheel is 2 coats.

Here is another picture of the bottle backsides.

 I hope you enjoyed this massive essay, thanks again to Virginia for sending me this amazing gift!

Happy nails, awwwe yeah!☺

 ♥ ❤ ❥ , Samantha

*Disclosure- These polishes were given to me, I did not purchase them. This did not affect my opinions in any way, all opinions provided were my own and not based on anything other than honesty to my readers.*


  1. Very awesome! I <3 Tiger's Roar!! Utopia's Polishes are quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite Indies!

  2. these look fun (: i love the look of square dance!

  3. Thanks everyone! I love them all, they are so fun. I swear Virginia is a mind reader haha!


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