Sunday, 15 July 2012

Nail Polish Frankens I Made Today!

The freshly cleaned, empty bottles waiting to be filled with whatever polish fantasy I have next!
Hello Everyone, I hope your days are going well! I just wanted to share the 5 frankens I made earlier today, and was telling you about on Facebook.
 On the left we have a pearly rainbow glitter nude, in the remainder of my Pretty&Polished Equal Ground bottle, which I have been using for frankens a lot since I wasn't too keen on it by itself, but it looks awesome mixed into everything else.
 The two pink and blue creme polishes next both have the same amount of the same glitters, I wanted them to be the equal except for the colors.

Next we have a polish similar to my Pants On Fire! Polish in my Glitter Giveaway, I used the same mixed orange base, and topped it up with similar glitter polishes. I loved Pants on Fire! So much I had to make one for myself too!

Then we have a pastel yellow creme polish with lots of different glitters, at least 5-6 different glitter polishes. I didn't finish a whole bottle of silver shatter, I swear! Haha. I must have left the lid not screwed on fully, and the next time I looked at my OPI bin, all the polish was completely dried to the size of a small gumball. It was so weird. I didn't feel like putting half a bottle of seche restore in it, so I just cleaned it out

Here is a bit of a closer look at everything:

Now for some swatches:

2 coats of every one, except orange which is 1.
Please let me know what you think, and what your favorite one is in the comments! Thanks for looking!

Happy nails!☺

 ♥ ❤ ❥ , Samantha


  1. Ohhhh I would live to have the first one and yellow one!!! They all are really pretty though!

  2. I like the Nude, Yellow & Pink one!..=)

  3. wow i am really feeling that peach one! btw thanks for all of your comments samantha! you seem like such a cool person, and i love that you were into sneakers at one point too! :D

    1. Thanks Eileen, Your sneaker stack on your about page is awesome! When I`m back on my feet, I`m sure I`ll start up on the sneakers again, I need a new pair or two haha.


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