Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Canada TopBox 2012

Hello Ladies,

I got through on the Top Box wait list for this month and would love to show you it. I was interested  in joining Top Box because of the GlossyBox price jack up ($15-21 yikes) to see if it was a good replacement. I'm not saying i can't afford glossybox, it's just that they have raised the price but still have the same sort of (drugstore) kind of stuff. The box coming to me at the end of November will be my first month of paying the full price, so that will be a determination of whether I keep it or not.
I think a lot of ladies are on the same page as me with that.

Here is my November box, I thought it was good value for $10 shipped. Top box actually comes shipped in a tube. They should call it top cylinder! Haha.

Here is the menu for this box. Unfortunately I already have the whole China Glaze Safari collection so the polish I got isn't much use to me. I am thinking of organizing a holiday giveaway, I have a few duplicates that I'm sure someone else would love. Do you see the price listed for the China Glaze on the sheet? Yeah right, Opi isn't even $12 in Canada LOL! I don't know where they got that estimate.
 I love the mini glass perfume bottle with the cute little lid. The scent itself is quite pleasant but something I don't know if I would wear because it reminds me of my mom's perfume haha. I'm sure she would love this. I feel like a perfume this big should have a spray nozzle but you just pull the cap off and the bottle is open. Purse safe? Maybe if you leave it in the box.

The body butter is in this odd little squirt tube that I had to remove the lid and cut the nozzle to use. Very well sealed and I appreciate that. It's supposed to smell like Pomegranate and figs, I would say the smell is dead on and it is moisturizing. It is also non-greasy.
The full size is $18.95 for 240ml which sounds expensive, but is actually cheaper than a Body Shop body butter. The Body Shop always has killer sales though so yeah. I love their lotion and always stock up on the 50% off sales. I am loving the new peach and mango ones.
The China Glaze polish is Jungle Queen. I haven't actually worn my own of this one yet. Only being able to wear neutrals at work is not helping with my mission to try all the polishes I actually have haha. 
The Benefit Mascara is nice, I'm not sure why it's called "They're Real" because it doesn't have any lengthening fibers in it, so of course they are real. It's nice though and I find the small tube so so convenient, I can keep it in my purse and even when it isn't, it greatly cuts down on the mascara I tend to get on my bangs. 
The only downside of this product is that your lashes feel petrified after around 6 hours and they are rock solid. It's hard to get off. I recommend oil based makeup remover for this.

Okay so I just looked at the TopBox website and they are raising the price to $12 come December. I wish everyone would stop raising the prices. Gosh!

TopBox is having a contest to win skin care products from B.Kamis, Click here for more details!

What do you think? Would you be happy to get this box too? Do you already get TopBox? Let me know in the comments!

Happy nails!☺

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