Saturday, 5 January 2013

My KBShimmer Snow Way! Franken Dupe-Shenailigans DIY Saturdays

 So at the beginning of winter, the KBShimmer winter collection was released and I was like wow, I need Snow Way! But my wallet was getting kind of tired of spending so much on indie polishes at $8-9 a pop. Let's face it ladies, that is expensive when you want so many! I made this polish instead, and you can make it too! I will let you know everything you need to make this through out the post. as well, this covers in 2 coats unlike the 4 coat Snow Way!
This is made with Sinful Colors- Cinderella, and I added a bit of suspension base and a couple drops of  cyan blue to it.  I ordered some white glitter from TKB Trading and put that in there with a paper funnel I made. Pretty simple. I usually tip the glitter from the bag or use a tiny espresso spoon. Or you could order this mix from YouMix for $2 for a decent sample to avoid having to buy a bunch of white glitters, and there you have it!

 I'm going to start doing this every Saturday, remaking a popular polish that you could remake yourself, so stay tuned. This is probably one of the favorite frankens I have made, because It felt like I got a hot new polish for free because I had the supplies already.

What do you think? Are you going to try to make this for yourself? I love the addition of the duochrome flash from the shimmer in Cinderella.

 Happy nails!☺

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  1. I love this! So cute! And I just got Cinderella last week...although Snow Way is already on it's way to me in the mail.


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