Monday, 15 October 2012

September Favorites!

I have always wanted  to do a favorites post, so here are my favorite things for September! These are not necessarily beauty items, just things I like.
Let's start it off with one of my favorite things lately, my new Samsung Galaxy Note phone!
Next to the Samsung Galaxy S2. Not my picture.
I  love my gorgeous, massive new phone! the stylus is super great, so is the 8MP camera and the graphics. Only negative- it looks like you are having a nice chat with ipad or something when you call someone. Haha!

My next favorite for September is the OPI Germany collection. Talk about some gorgeous jewel tones! I got the whole set. Not really digging the nude colors but I can always wear them for work so that's okay. I got the whole set on Amazon for $70, good deal!

I had bought a polish set on Amazon previously,one was broken and I kept contacting the seller, they never replied to my messages so I took it to a claim and I got my whole $30 back when all I wanted was a replacement of 1 polish LOL. So I put that money towards the OPI Set.

Next item is EOS lip balm in Summer fruit. I also have the strawberry flavor. it is a decent lipbalm, I would not say it is the best, but the packaging is awesome.
This post has been sitting in my drafts for awhile so I'm just going to drop it in here. Hoping to have a bigger and better October favorites page! With Halloween this month, there are lots of things to favorite!

Happy nails!☺

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  1. Haaaa i love MY GALAXY NOTE 2 Phone too!!! Totally totally adorably love it!! the best thing and I can blog from it.

    I have an app called Camera360 that takes awesome pictures (with lots of nice modes you can take the picture on), and I actually made my first blog post with it over the weekend and took pictures for that post with my phone. Everything about this phone is awesome. Lol

    Sorry about my long ranting, I just really love my phone.

    1. Yeah it's such a sweet phone! I will have to check out your post, that's pretty cool. The only downside I find to this phone is that it dies pretty fast and then takes forever to charge. It's that big ol' screen!

    2. Oh I just realized that you are the Do-it-Yourself Lady! I love your blog so much, I feel honored that you checked out mine!

    3. :-)

      Thanks for loving my blog. I came here through your comments on there and I also love what I see here. :-)

      My phone charges pretty fast though.. 2 hours tops... when I use the charger that came with the phone. And it lasts a while before dying.
      Do you use the charger that came with the phone?? My Bff was using her old phone's charger and it slowed charging down... But when she started using the charger that came with her phone, it got charged in about 2 hours and lasted longer.


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